How Do I use myDipKit?

NOTE: Detailed instructions for each step are included with the kit. Also, included with the instructions is a link with username and password to an online video showing the process and detailing the instructions.

  1. Clean the part: The part must be free of all dirt, oils, wax, grease, loose paint or other containments that could affect the finished product.
  2. Prep the part: Mask off areas not to be printed on etc. Use the universal primer to prime the part.
  3. Paint the part: Spray the part with the appropriate base coat.
  4. Dip the part: Item is submerged into dipping container with the film floating on top of the water.
  5. Rinse the part: Rinse the part to remove any residue from the dipping procedure.
  6. Finish coat: Finish the item with the spray clear coat.

How does the Water Transfer Printing Process Work

Products are decorated using a print, which resides on a thin base of water-soluble film. The printed film is placed on the surface of the water, and the base begins to dissolve. A patented activator chemical is sprayed over the film causing the ink to remain floating in an oil-like state on top of the water. Next the properly prepared part is immersed into the water, and the upward pressure of the water causes the ink to wrap around and adhere to the item. After the entire item has been immersed, it is removed from the water, cleaned and then coated with a clear coat.

More Information

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